"Moonflower hovers over the Atlantic Ocean" Moonflower seems to glow just like a full moon. The long white petals slowly unfurl as the evening comes, opening into trumpet-shaped blossoms. Moonflower is a symbol of delicate femininity. The lovely white flowers with their deep green leaves contrast beautifully with the blue of the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest body of water on earth. Bordering North and South America, Europ, and Africa, it covers one-fifth of the world’s surface and 29% of the water surface area. Home to the second largest barrier reef, The Cancun Reef as well as an underwater mountain range, it is rich in oil, natural gas, sand, precious stones and gravel. A wide variety...

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Representing good fortune reflected back to you, the Peony encourages one to bestow good fortune on others. We can all use a little of that, right? These luscious pink flowers descend into emerald green waters. The peony scarf is available now at a 25% discount. Would make a great birthday or Valentine's day gift for that amazing woman in your life. Or, treat yourself!  

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It sounds so cliche, but it's true, where did the time go? The year flew by so quickly! As I look back, I got quite a bit accomplished here at DiFiore New York. I have created a full year's worth of designs, launched my website, made it into 2 publications and had two successful trunk shows. I also made new friends and grown my team. I am excited to say, that I donated to one of my favorite charities, Ocean Futures Society from the sales of my scarves!  As I reflect on the past year, I am truly grateful. I feel lucky to have a second career, one that is rewarding and meaningful. And I am certainly grateful to have friends and family in my life. I...

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Light Box (see video)

I first started making my floral/water art pieces years ago before I turned them into the gorgeous scarves you see here on my webpage. I had exhibited my artwork in the United Nations Federal Credit building for their Earth Day celebration some time ago and they loved them so much that they bought the entire show. They hang throughout the building in Long Island City, NY. I then had the idea of turning the work into lightboxes and posting one here. This one is called Dahlia.

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