The Queen's Dog

What a week! Her Majesty has passed, the longest-reigning monarch in British history. Thrust into the role of the queen at such a young age, she lead a remarkable and extraordinary life. She was exactly one month younger than my father.

Then there were the 911 ceremonies. Many New Yorkers watched in horror. The towers got hit, and the enormous fireball that followed is an image I will never forget. It took me quite a while to process what was happening, and days later, PTS developed.

As the world knows, the Queen's loving companions were her Corgis. Queen Elizabeth II, who has had over thirty corgis in her lifetime!

Corgis are notoriously whimsical and enchanted by nature. According to legend, Pembroke Welsh Corgis were the faithful steeds of the fairies and elves of the Fay. The markings on their soft coats were said to resemble saddles in order for the Corgis to pull their dainty carriages.

In our design, the Corgi dawdles in the Welsh countryside, harmonious with the floras and faunas of the environment. Tudor roses climb a lattice fence, accentuating the enchantment of the breed.

photo by Annie Leibovitz, manipulated by Andrea DiFiore


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