Women's Best Friend

This past Friday, August 26th was National Dog Day. For me, it's an excuse to show off my recently adopted dog, Tuuli. Actually, I really do not need an excuse! 

As I mentioned in a previous blog, Tuuli is a rescue. She was living in a Brooklyn apartment with approximately 10 other dogs. Although she was in physically good health, a little thin, she has emotional scars due to the lack of socialization with people, consequently, she is terrified of humans. I don't believe they ever took her out of the apartment. She does not know how to walk on a leash, and she doesn't know basic commands, such as sit. 

I have been working virtually with a wonderful trainer (GoodPup) and Tuuli has made some great strides. I even got her to give me kisses!  

Tuuli is a work in progress but of course, she is worth it. I urge people to adopt, even if they want a breed. I wasn't expecting a full breed but I received one and I am grateful Tuuli is with us, in a loving, safe home.


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