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A Page out of a Storybook

Winter is a little more than a month away but the conditions outside are a hint that it will be here soon. It is cold and blustery here in NYC. I usually start my hibernation about this time of the year. True, I have an aversion to the cold, even as a child, I am captivated by the snow and find it consoling to watch, but from indoors! So what is a "climate-challenged" girl to do? I visit my favorite places of course. Yesterday, I migrated uptown to one of the most enchanting bookstores in NYC, The Albertine Bookstore. Since it is a French bookstore, most of the books are in French, but they do have books in English as well. As I...

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Plum Blossoms. I was commission by NYC to paint these barrier benches, located in Straus Square on the Lower East Side. I painted them in September and they were installed in October. Not long after, the inevitable happened, my bench was tagged with purple spray paint. They asked me to touch up the green bench (the yellow bench was spared) which I did last week. It was a wonderful idea for them to turn the barries into benches and into pieces of functional artwork. I am so grateful to be participating and making our neighborhood (my hometown) a little nicer.   Come by, have a seat, watch the people go by, one of NYC's pastimes, people watching.

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