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The Heroine's Journey - Interview with an artist

Over a month ago I was approached by the Heroine's Journey to be featured on their website and be part of some amazing women artists from around the world. I started out as a fine artist and majored in oil painting. I also worked in watercolor, clay, and eventually photography. Once the world turned digital, I taught myself photoshop and became a professional photo retoucher for major companies. You can read the short interview in the link below. Thank you for your support! https://theheroinejourney2016.wordpress.com/2020/05/13/the-heroines-journey-of-andrea-difiore/  ps. I photographed this gorgeous water in Cozumel, Mexico.

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TEACUPS (Prints)

As an artist, I am constantly coming up with ideas and thoughts for new work. I can never just settle. My biggest challenge is executing them all. A few years back, I created a series of cracked teacups to give credence to people suffering from mental illness. I exhibited the works at Emerge Gallery, in Woodstock, NY. Let's bring change to mind and how we look at mental illness around the world. May is Mental Illness month. This one is titled Copper and Gold from the series, High Anxiety Tea Party. See the rest of the series on Saatchi Website: https://www.saatchiart.com/account/artworks/807893  

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We hope everyone is staying safe in these challenging times.In the meantime,Cover-up for safety in style! 🌸Italian made, 100% silk 🇮🇹 Our bandanas are in their original, sealed packages.If you want one (or more) contact us! @difiorenyc 🙏🏻 You don't need to own a dog to love our designs.Corona Couture! Floral Scarves too!Choose from our chic designs,Corgi, Boston, and Jack.Thanks!SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESSES ❤️

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A little humor and fun with as we all get through these challenging times together. This is Lucie, my 12-year-old Cavapoo.Stay well, stay chic and laugh,(a lot)!Love,Andrea Vogue

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