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Who Let the Dogs Out?

The Douge Scarves are coming! These silky whimsical yet sophisticated bandanas are quite unique! They are a great way to add style, humor and a bit of chic to your outfit of the day. Whether you are horseback riding, having lunch or visiting your favorite art museum, people will notice the pooch around your neck, wrist or worn as a headpiece. They make a great gift! And men, way not wear them as a pocket square? 100% silk twill, made in Italy

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                For Immediate Release Media Contact Andrea DiFiore DiFiore New...

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 The Dahlia represents grace, inner strength, and commitment. These spherical pink flowers are suspended over turquoise water. I recently had a sample made of the Dahlia scarf in Italy and it just arrived last week. I had the pleasure of staying at a friend's home in Montauk, Long Island and photographed the Dahlia on the beach. It was so windy that day but I managed to shoot a few that looked pretty good. We do not have an inventory of Dahlia but if you are a boutique or shop and would like to order, please let us know.  These two colors are luscious together, the pink on the green background is very sophisticated. It was designed to be a bit muted, not...

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Plum Blossoms. I was commission by NYC to paint these barrier benches, located in Straus Square on the Lower East Side. I painted them in September and they were installed in October. Not long after, the inevitable happened, my bench was tagged with purple spray paint. They asked me to touch up the green bench (the yellow bench was spared) which I did last week. It was a wonderful idea for them to turn the barries into benches and into pieces of functional artwork. I am so grateful to be participating and making our neighborhood (my hometown) a little nicer.   Come by, have a seat, watch the people go by, one of NYC's pastimes, people watching.

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