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National Geographic “Ocean Odyssey” 



Andrea DiFiore of DiFiore New York’s new silk scarves are currently on display in National Geographic’s  “Ocean Odyssey” Fashion Show

Ms. DiFiore was asked by HiTech Moda, to create designs specifically for the show. “Ocean Odyssey” comprises the work of established and emerging designers who are conscientious about the environment and employs a mix of high tech and traditional designing. As part of their Ocean Odyssey Exhibit, National Geographic’s visitors experience a virtual ocean where high tech meets the deep sea. 

Di Fiore has always been a supporter of the natural world. When she was asked to design works specifically for National Geographic, she was elated. Growing up with NatGeo magazines and later as an adult subscribing to the NatGeo Channel, DiFiore was honored to be part of this show.

Tickets are available at National Geographic Encounter, 226 West 44th Street, Manhattan, or at https://feverup.com/m/73790

About the Artist

With Mother Nature as her muse, Andrea DiFiore mixes contemporary photography with traditional fashion. Born in NYC, she has a master’s degree in Fine Art. She later taught herself Adobe Photoshop and became a high-end photo retoucher for many companies such as Dior, Rolling Stone magazine and Directv. She created many series of artworks over the years using mixed media. After raising her amazing, aspiring opera-singing daughter, Andrea then took all her skills, knowledge and passion and started DiFiore, New York.  Ms. DiFiore is also involved in many charities either by donating artworks or creating work to sell at fundraisers. Some of the non-profit organizations include: Pet Peeves (animal shelter), Gods Love We Deliver, Kilimanjaro Initiative and Began County Horse Rescue to name a few. She has permanent works of art in the United Nations FCU building, a Mental Health Foundation and two art pieces in NYC’s Straus Square. She loves her hometown and resides in the renowned Lower East Side of Manhattan.

 Orange betta fish silk scarf

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