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Italian made, eco-friendly silk scarf. Designed by NYC artist. Beautiful women of all ages can wear DiFiore New York scarf. DiFiore fashion house. Visit us in fashion week,


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Moonflower hovers in  the Atlantic Ocean
Moonflower seems to glow just like a full moon. The long
white petals slowly unfurl as the evening comes, opening
into trumpet-shaped blossoms.
Moonflower is a symbol of delicate femininity.
The lovely white flowers with their deep green leaves
contrast beautifully with the  blue of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest body of water on earth. Bordering North and South America, Europe, and Africa, it covers one-fifth of the world’s surface and 29% of the water surface area. Home to the second-largest barrier reef, The Cancun Reef as well as an underwater mountain range, is rich in oil, natural gas, sand, precious stones and gravel. A wide variety of species inhabit the Atlantic Ocean and many are endangered due to pollution, overfishing and accidental net-fishing.

• 90 Centimeters square or approx. 34 inches square

• 100% Lightweight silk

• Made in Italy

* Dry clean