Sunflowers in Hawaii

The writer and mature model, Angela Paul who is originally from England now living in CA, has taken our Sunflower scarf to the blissful beaches of Hawaii. Scarves are the perfect accessory to take on vacation with you. Not only are they beautiful, but are so easy to pack. 

Right now it seems like the world is falling apart. Not only are we wrestling with a pandemic but a horrific war. Instead of worrying, think about how grateful you are to be in the USA or another country that does not have conflict. I know, easier said than done, especially if you have anxiety as I do. I try to keep my mind busy and focused.

When I first started creating the Floral Seas collection, I chose the national flower for each country, making them global. The Sunflower happens to be the national flower of Ukraine.

The sunflower is bold, towering and commanding, it moves with the sun. The people of Ukraine need to stay strong and stand tall against the adversary. 

We are wishing them a peaceful and swift resolution. 


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