Song Bird

If you have been following me, you know I love birds and find at least 2 a year here in my home town of Manhattan, NYC. Most people will walk right by a fallen bird, but I can't and wind up bringing them home.

It's migrating season for the songbirds, and so many strike the windows of our skyscrapers. The windows reflect the sky and the poor creatures meet their demise and fall to the ground. Some live. In one day over 70 birds were brought to the Wild Bird Fund center on the Upper West Side just last week.  I brought so many birds to them and raised a few on my own.

I found this beautiful little guy outside my apartment. He did not appear injured, more tired than anything. I brought him home and let him rest for several hours. When I went to retrieve him he was bursting with energy. I let him go in the park next-door. We want to hear our spectacular birds sing their melodious sounds. They deserve it!

If the towers dimmed their lights in the evening, the birds could carry on to their destination. That would make a celestial difference!

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