Saving the Manatee

The closest relative is an elephant, the manatee grazes on seagrass beds where freshwater vegetation flourish. Many manatees migrate in the winter to the very warm waters along the coast of Florida.

Unfortunately, over a 1000 manatees perished in a year due to polluted waters in Florida. The toxic run-off creates harmful algal blooms, blocking out the sun, resulting in the vegetation dying out. Tragically, the manatees starve to death.

Obviously, our laws need to be stricter regarding corporations that pollute our waters, there is no reason these beautiful animals, who have no natural predators, need to die because humans don't care enough and break the law.

Many of you know that DiFiore New York gives a percentage from sales to preserving ocean life. That is why I chose Save the Manatee Club to donate. https://www.savethemanatee.org/

Save the Manatee is featured in 4oceans, another favorite charity of mine. Please support these important, hard working and much needed non-profits by donating to them directly or by buying a scarf from us and we will donate for you!


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