Opera and a Star

I brought my daughter Sonia to audition for the children’s chorus at the Metropolitan Opera House here in New York City when she was just six years old. Her strict but amazing director, Elena Doria, told me that she was "extraordinary.”

I was thinking, How does she know that from just meeting her for the first time at the audition. 
Of course, as her mother, I knew she was extraordinary, but how did Elena know? Watching my small daughter on the huge stage was magical, and I have fond memories that will always be with me.
Sonia continued in the Met’s chorus until the age of 11, and then went on to the professional performing arts school and later LaGuardia High School. 
After high school, she vacillated a bit because she was worried about making a career as an opera singer, which is extremely difficult and a hard field to break into. 
She did not relent and carried on. We are so glad she did.
Here she is at her masters recital. I couldn’t be more proud. 

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