Nodding Flower

Well, when I posted the words from Judy Garland last week, I was hoping for a better year for all of us. Then January 6th happened, and like most people in the world, I was shocked and horrified, but mostly saddened.

It sounds cliche, I know, but we are here on earth for a blip in time, why wouldn't people want to make their lives and the lives of others a kinder and peaceful place to live? It takes so little to help your fellow neighbor but so much energy to destroy the people and environment around us.

We need to do better as a species, obviously. This is not a new sentiment but needs to be repeated again and again.

Over the past year, I photographed a series of single flowers. I tribute this one to the people of my country and wish for a better future for my daughter and future generations to come.

One Flower
on the cliffside
Nodding at the canyon.

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