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They're here!

Our shipment just arrived from Italy and ready for you! 

Complement your unique style in one of our eco-friendly, Italian made silk scarves. You deserve to look and feel fabulous! Move into the cooler season with the jeweled colored tones of our Calla Lily (revised) design or perhaps our new design, Dahlia, shown. Here our model is wearing Dahlia as a top, and standing in an empty Madison Avenue (NYC) but our versatile pieces can be worn the way you want it!  It's a great way to add a pop of color to you ensemble and easy to carry. Take our Dahlia scarf with you on your tropical vacation this winter. It's perfect to dress up for dinner or to wear while sightseeing at the basicas to cover your bare shoulders. Absolutely gorgeous!

Our lightweight 100% silk twill scarves are approx. 90cm square and can be worn year-round. They make the perfect gift.

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