Anita and I

I attended a Chashama exhibit a few weeks ago. It reminded me of the enthusiasm I had when I was in art school. The excitement I felt to be able to express myself, with no judgments or inhibitions. Anything goes! I was young and free spirited, full of ideas as I embarked on a career in the arts. Obviously, my art has taken another turn as I create my scarves, but still with excitement and enthusiasm!  
I had the pleasure of meeting the multi-talented Anita Durst. What she has done with Chashama is imperative to young (and established) artists. 
Artists need a place to show their work and be part of the community.
Chashama is a phenomenal program and much needed in our great city. 
Taken from: https://chashama.org/about/
Chashama was founded in 1995 by Anita Durst to celebrate the legacy of theatre visionary Reza Abdoh. Chashama’s initial focus was on the production and presentation of new theatre. Recognizing that a lack of affordable space was the biggest threat to sustaining a diverse cultural environment in New York City, we began to work toward securing studio and presentation space in Midtown Manhattan for struggling artists by partnering with Property Owners that provide unused space to Chashama. In the first decade, we secured seven locations on 42nd street between 6th and Broadway, presenting over 700 shows.
Since then, we’ve moved from midtown Manhattan to the 5 boroughs and beyond, giving artists work and presentation spaces, as well as providing free art workshops in under served communities. Currently, we present 150 events a year, have workspace for 120 artists, and have developed 80 workshops in under served communities.

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