High School and a Memory

A few days ago I received an email and a text message from a woman asking me if I was the same Andrea that her mother taught art to in high school. 

When she told me her last name, I said "that's me"! She was delighted that she found me and told me her mom mentioned that she had several very talented students in her class and that I was one of them. It touched me deeply.

I had difficulty in HS and Ms.Wasserman's class was my refuge. She was a remarkable woman, smart and dedicated. She gave us thought provoking assignments that challenged our artistic skills and problem solving abilities. She was slim and stylish, and ran around the room like a dervish, critiquing each student's work. She was fair, honest and passionate.

She put up with my wisecracks and sometimes bad behavior. She gave me special projects to do for the school, and of course I was happy to do them. She believed in me when not many did. 

I asked the daughter if I could see the inscription I wrote in Ms. Wasserman's year book. I cried from both sadness (she passed away 2 years ago) and joy, it  confirmed that she was significant in my career choice and an important part of my life. 

Ms Wasserman will always have a place in my heart.

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