What a month it has been for me. It's b*tch getting old, huh? LOL

My eye developed a macular hole. I didn't know exactly what was happening at first. I wound up buying 3 pairs of reading glasses because I was having trouble seeing my computer monitor.

One Sunday morning as I was walking my dog along the East River, (in New York City) I looked across the river at the smokestacks of the Con Edison building and they were wavy! I looked at the bridges and buildings around me, and the verticle lines were now bent.

Later, my brilliant surgeon (NYU Langone Hospital) informed me that most people do notice the problem when they look out into the distance. 

When I arrived at my studio with my dog, I called for an emergency visit to see an ophthalmologist. 

The eye surgery itself was without fuss, but as some of you know, the recovery is a bit of a challenge. I had to sit in a face-down-chair for several days to keep the gas bubble that was inserted into the eye in its place. 

I am still in the recovery process, but extremely grateful. I will be seeing clearly soon and will cherish the beautiful colors of my daily life.


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