Classic NY

As a professional photo-retoucher and image manipulator, I was able to blend my current photos of Sonia wearing our scarves with 1950s NYC street scenes. The results are a timeless look with a contemporary twist. Scarves are a definite accessory to have in your wardrobe. They rise above the trends and stay with you forever. Our scarves can be worn in many ways and certainly elevate your outfit of the day. If treated well, they can be passed on to family members to be treasured always. 
My mother grew up in NYC and in her 20's she left and moved to California on her own. I have photographs of her from the fifties and sixties wearing a headscarf. She was smart, independent, and very stylish. I have a few pieces of clothing that she saved and I kept. I wish she kept her scarves!
So why not stop traffic in a classic, au courant style when old New York meets new New York in one of the hottest colors of 2021, yellow. 
Channel your favorite movie star from old Hollywood, and add a bit of glamor to your day.
Our Sunflower design is perfect to wear this Spring and Summer!  It can be paired with many neutral colors, especially grey. Yellow and grey are the utmost combinations. Chic and elegant.
We also feature another yellow flower, the Yellow Orchid design. Come visit our shop online.

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