Central Park

from Central Park Conservancy-

Olmsted and Vaux designed Central Park to incorporate a variety of landscapes and experiences. Its 843 acres included sweeping lawns, picturesque woodlands, meandering streams, and broad lakes, all experienced by moving through the Park along winding paths, a carriage drive, and a bridle path. Over time, additional features were added to the Park, including baseball and soccer fields, a carousel, two skating rinks, a zoo, formal gardens, commemorative monuments, and concert and theater venues.

In addition to diverse recreational experiences, Central Park provides great ecological and environmental benefits to the City. It's more than 18,000 trees cool and clean the air and its vast acreage in the center of the City provides habitat for wildlife, including as a stopover on the Atlantic Flyway for over 200 species of birds.

Every massive city needs a park not only as a sanctuary, but as mentioned above, a way to keep the air clean. I always loved the park and photograph the autumn foliage every year. I photographed the lake last weekend.



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