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Autumn - Autumnus

Autumn​ - ​ Autumnus 
I was out photographing again, this time in the adjacent parks near my studio.
The magazine, The Lo-Down NY usually publishes my images, they put these two photographs in their current issue.
Here is the link:
I especially photograph the natural elements and wonders of NYC. The photos depict the changing foliage. Last week the trees were bursting with vibrant colors and a few days later, the leaves have fallen and scattered about the ground, as you see in the second photo. And just like that, it's over.
Autumn represents the preservation of life and its basic necessities. During this time, animals prepare for the winter by storing food and creating cozy hibernation spaces. Farmers work on their fall harvest by collecting a reserve of crops.
Haiku by Renee H. Chrysso
Golden butterflies
float down to the soft, moist ground
and rest till fall ends

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