"An Eastern Ballad" by Allen Ginsberg

"An Eastern Ballad" by Allen Ginsberg

I speak of love that comes to mind: The moon is faithful, although blind;  She moves in thought she cannot speak.Perfect care has made her bleak.I never dreamed the sea so deep, The earth so dark; so long my sleep, I have become another child. I wake to see the world go wild.

Spring represents rebirth, awakening and renewal. Every year we get a chance to start again and hopefully learn from our past mistakes and move forward. Let us support one another on our journey through life. Be kind always. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Allen Ginsberg when I worked for American artist, Larry Rivers. I remember Mr. Ginsberg having a slight build and he was quiet. His words have always been an inspiration to me.

I paired our Calla Lily scarf with a blue rabbit and metallic blues eggs.

Spring greetings!

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